Signage Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

As 2018 draws to a close, businesses will be busy preparing a new line of products and services for 2019. Along with new products and services comes new trends on how to market towards an audience. Marketers are constantly reviewing how to effectively reach consumers and that includes figuring out what kind of signage to use. At JLS Decals & Signs, we want you to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the signage you’re using. We’ve done the research and here’s four trends we expect to see in the new year!

A move towards digital

Every year, another technology company designs a device that is meant to make our lives easier. As a society, we’ve become reliant on the technology that we use: from cell phones to the Roland VersaCAMM®, JLS Decals & Signs uses to print the signs. Not only does technology influence how we view the world, but it influences how people view products and services. Digital signage has become a popular form of marketing. As society is constantly changing, businesses want to keep up with the consumers and digital signage easily allows regular updates. In addition, interactive experiences have become a key part of the shopping experience and having signage that provides consumers with the opportunity to browse products is extremely important.

 Going smaller with decals

Not all marketing has to be elaborate. We’ve discussed how specific directional signage can help make events such as Boxing Day easier to navigate, and smaller decals are also beneficial for a business. Small decals, such as showing where to place particular products or even simple directional arrows like you see on the floors in Ikea, can give your brand a distinctive look. It can also give your brand individuality, and your employees can have fun coming up with ideas for these decals. Of course, these small decals can help eliminate any confusion that consumers may have, making it more likely they’ll return in the future. Just don’t go overboard when adding decals to your business, as you don’t want to overwhelm anyone.

 Minimizing the chaos

Minimalism can be defined as “living with less.” For minimalists, owning an immense amount of material possessions isn’t ideal and they strive to eliminate anything they don’t necessarily need or find important. While not many businesses have gone this route, we expect minimalist marketing to gain traction over the next few years. The amount of “sale” signage around the holidays and certain events such as Boxing Day and Black Friday can stress consumers out. They might feel pressured to purchase a product or may simply ignore the sales. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help businesses sell their products or service, so it might be the time to downplay the “in-your-face” technique and use something subtler. Make it simpler, straightforward, and easy to remember.

Making it personal

Personal signage is continuously growing. Since consumers have access to such a variety of businesses, you need something that will draw them to you. What people want is more personalization. For the most part, generic branding and marketing can work. It has for years, after all, but it’s nearly 2019 and people want change. Especially those who feel as though they are underrepresented. More diversity is required if you want to target a new demographic and using signs that display that demographic in particular will certainly catch their eye.

The world is constantly changing, and with it, the demands of consumers. Businesses, regardless of size, have to constantly change the way the products are marketed if they want to stay relevant. This requires studying past signage trends and analyzing the target audience to see what influences them to purchase a product or service. What trends are you hoping to see in 2019?

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