Have a Successful Boxing Day with These 3 Signage Tips

As if December wasn’t busy enough with Christmas, Boxing Day is just around the corner. We’ve seen Boxing Day get overlooked in favour of spending time with family and friends, which we think is wonderful. Yet, there are still people all over the world who aren’t scared to face the crowds. Each year, businesses have to find a way to appeal to customers on Boxing Day. With companies such as Best Buy and The Bay competing for sales, not to mention online websites like Amazon, you need to have something special that will convince people to shop at your store. Unsurprisingly, our suggestion is to have good signs. Having the proper signage for your business is important, but on a day like Boxing Day, it’s crucial. To ensure your day is as successful as possible, follow these three tips!

Direct them where they want to go

Navigation is an integral part of life and no one wants it to be difficult. This is extremely important on busy days like Boxing Day, as customers are in a hurry to find what they want. Place signs over key areas in your store, whether it be directly above or along the back walls. It is also beneficial to use signs at the entrance of the store to eliminate any confusion that may occur. These signs can also help keep traffic in the store moving in a calm manner, which ensures your customers’ safety.

 Get to the point

Sometimes beating around the bush can work in your favour. However, when it comes to signage on Boxing Day, doing so will only harm your business. Numerous studies have been done to show that people don’t take the time to read the fine print. It’s a hassle and people don’t want to waste valuable time trying to read tiny font. You can make it a little easier for consumers by not putting any fine print on your sales signs. Retailers are notoriously bad for excluding certain products during sales, but never put it in a bigger font for everyone to read. This often irritates consumers when they go to pay, so don’t be that person. Use signs to state your sales plainly, without including any exclusions.

Be creative

The same marketing strategy can become quite boring, especially to customers who frequent your store. Since Boxing Day is (technically) only one day, your marketing strategy doesn’t have to be too complicated, but it should be creative. Instead of using a generic red “Sale!” sign, consult with a designer to create a sign that will stand out from the crowd. If you want to reach your target audience, analyze what they’re looking for and focus your signs around their needs. By creating eye-catching signs, consumers are far more likely to show interest in your products!

Boxing Day can be stressful for both consumers and business owners, but you can make it easier on everyone by following these three tips. Keep your sale signs simple and creative, don’t let the marketing strategies of other companies influence you! If you’re interested in what type of signs you can use to promote your business, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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