Get A+ Promotion with an A-Frame Sign!

If you’ve ever wanted to promote your business or advertise an event but don’t want the complexity and hassle of a banner, consider investing in an A-Frame sign. Sometimes known as a sidewalk sign or sandwich board, an A-Frame sign is normally set up in a triangle shape with a hinge at the top, separating the two sides of the sign. Unlike other signs, such as billboards and window decals which can sometimes be hard to read for passersby, A-Frame signs are designed to have people instinctively glance down to read it.

What can A-Frame signs be used for?

Since A-Frame signs can be moved without much hassle, they have become quite popular to use for a variety of reasons.

  1. Advertising and promotion

The most popular use of an A-Frame sign is to advertise or promote a business or service. These signs are usually designed to show the most relevant information to people passing by, in the hopes that it will lure them into the business. Since the content of these signs can be easily changed, some businesses will show promotional offers and daily discounts. Changing an A-Frame sign daily is quite common, especially with cafés and other food-oriented businesses. Cafés frequently use chalk-based signs to draw cute doodles and fancy script to showcase what special treats are available for the day!

  1. Safety signs

During regular school hours, it’s common to see “Children Crossing” signs placed in the middle of the road warning drivers to slow down and watch for children who may be crossing. Even when there’s a risk of receiving a costly ticket, people will speed through school zones without a second thought. Having a sign set in the middle of the road, alerting drivers that they’re entering a school zone, reduces the possibility of someone speeding through it. A-Frame signs are also beneficial in construction zones and can be used to notify workers (and pedestrians) of potential hazards that may be in the area. These signs are aimed to keep people safe and when used correctly, may even save lives.

  1. Special events

When an organization is hosting an event, it can become quite chaotic. Having the proper signage can help with organization and directing people to the right area! By setting up special event signs throughout the venue, guests attending the event will be able receive the information they need by simply glancing at the signs. Having A-Frame signs at an event is also convenient when a business is hosting special guest speakers and require a separate room for them. Placing the signs in front of the room, or in the hallway leading to the room, will prevent people from entering that section of the event space providing special guests with privacy.

A-Frame signs can be used for many different purposes, from special events to simple advertising. They are convenient, portable, and are easy to set up and change when there’s a need to update information. If you’re interested in an A-Frame sign, stop by JLS Signs & Decals and we’ll be happy to help create a design that will benefit your business!

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